Reader Submissions, February 2016: Poems on the Theme of Love

Curly Grapes

- by Nicole Myers

my eyes found you
leaning (casually)
on the theatre post
w/ a palm full of
               red grapes
a pocket full of lightening
& a mess of wild tangles
in your curly blonde hair
you couldn't have been
               more beautiful
when the moon-clock
I paused to love you


Amor, etc.

- by Nicole Myers

champions of universal abundance
need not possess corresponding verbs
to inherit a charitable core of grace

just to believe in the marvels of nature
to consider love an unexplainable mystery
is response enough to attain such earthly joy

benevolent artifacts are prescribed nouns
but amore bares all resemblances to delight
unconditional, lionized, selfless, altruistic

let love alter your pride in life’s calamity
let love sate your hunger for ample ruin
let love embrace the fear of your burdens

champions of universal goodness
need not worry over the present moment
they’ll gather up their words and emit light

Nicole Myers is a writer, humanist, and professional daydreamer from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.. She is a frequent contributor to Open Heart Forgery, Halifax’s celebrated guerrilla literary journal. Her work appears in their first published anthology.


teeter totter

- by Jeff White

Jeff White also contributed the poem appearing as our banner image at the top of this page.



by Brian Dockal

I drank full from the lie,
We danced to the point of no return,
Melting magma in my eye,
You and I look up, really took a turn.

Pretty boys got nothing in the know,
Secret language, prowess unseen,
Half shut mind, mouth in tow,
Never really gave it any mean.

Sunset, let the envy begin,
Heavenly face cue brow knit,
Bet the world I took it on the chin,
Didn't think we could make it.

Cheat the languish, won no heat,
Smoking gun, the things you won't share,
The attenuation on the last disco beat,
We had a record breached without care.

Brian lives in Hubley, NS with his husband and three greyhounds. Brian is a repeat contributor to Open Heart Forgery.


Grey Questions

- by Cathy Hanrahan

So many times we have pondered the rain
Tucked behind the glass of a window pane
Contemplating questions that bother and weigh
Searching for answers in the damp grey
Storm clouds brood gloom and doom and dismay
They wound us with bruises from a disappointing day
We wring our hands with all we think wrong
Oblivious to the nuances that make us strong
Bad weather changes and so can the mood
I’d keep the sun shining for you if I could
So smile through the angst of interrupted ambitions
It’s not the end just simple transition
And I will be there with my heart on my sleeve
Waiting for the chance to offer reprieve

Cathy Hanrahan is a Nova Scotia poet and regular contributor to Open Heart Forgery.


The Wilted Rose

- by Danielle Crowe

A wilted rose grows by the grave,
above the man she loved and tried to save.
His inner demons drove him down,
and now he rests beneath the ground.
Clear as day, memories of that haunting night,
when her fallen soldier had lost his fight.
Until the day when they meet once more,
she’ll continue to wait for him to walk through the door.

Danielle Crowe is a yoga teacher/studio owner at Body Solace Yoga Studio in Truro, NS. She is also the founder of FEMINA Movement, a body-image blog/coalition for women. As a recovered(ing) anorexic, she is committed to helping others heal from this disease and overcome mental illness. A proud writer, she blogs, writes poetry, and is hoping to have a book (or a few!) published one day.