Most Beloved Literary Child Heroine

It's March Madness season, and that means one thing: Elimination Bracket Fever! So we figure this is the perfect time to introduce the first of our Literary Face-Off Elimination Brackets. In memory of Harper Lee, over the next number of weeks we will be conducting one on one single elimination face offs to determine NovelTea's Most Beloved Literary Child Heroine.

The winner will be decided by your votes. As an added bonus, all votes for the eventual winner of the tournament will be entered into a draw for a free NovelTea literary T-Shirt (so remember to submit your name and email when you vote).

You can view the bracket below, and then scroll down to vote for your favourite Literary Child Heroine of the Match 1 options, Scout Finch and Bella Swan.

Match 1


Scout (Jean Louise) Finch is our number 1 seed. Created by Harper Lee, Scout is the protagonist and narrator of Lee's first, and until very recently only, novel. Scout's child voice and perspective is the glue that holds Lee's Nobel Prize winning narrative together. Mary Badham was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Scout in the 1962 film version, which delivered the Best Actor Oscar to Gregory Peck for his portrayal of Atticus (Badham lost out to fellow child actress, Patty Duke for her role in The Miracle Worker). Alternating between insightful and naive, as children often do, Scout navigates a complex world of ignorant, often explosive, racism and prejudice balanced against the calm staid household environment provided by her father, Atticus, and their housekeeper and nanny, Calpurnia, with frank honesty and an undying, if sometimes naive, faith in the people who surround her. Ever loyal to her friends, always courageous in the face of a new challenges, and possessing an indomitable spirit to speak her mind, Scout is the child we see when we dream back to our best childhood selves.

Bella Swan

Bella Swan is our number 8 seed. Created by Stephenie Meyer, Bella is the protagonist and most common narrator of Meyer's popular Twilight series. Bella's "average teen" voice and perspective ground the outrageous and fantastical world of Meyer's vampire (and werewolf) books. Actress Kristen Stewart jumped the rail from up and coming actress to full fledged pop icon with her portrayal of Bella in the blockbuster multi billion dollar grossing Twilight Saga film series. Passionate and fearless, often to the point of wanton disregard for her own safety, Bella chooses love above all other considerations.  Bella's trusting nature is her key to a secret world as her fellow characters respond by reflecting her trust back and revealing their most private selves. Gifted in walking the tightrope between the alternate realities of mortal and immortal existence, driven by love, loyalty, and passion, Bella exhibits the qualities we all hope to posses should exceptional circumstances arise.

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