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our roots

At NovelTea it's always tea-time, and we've no time to wash the things between whiles, so here's just a brief story about us.

NovelTea Bookstore Cafe is a little shop in the great white northern town of Truro, Nova Scotia, established in the summer of 2014 by an over educated fool with some serious occupational ADD, his too tolerant wife, and then partnered in with by their oh so naive long time friend. The plan was to sip tea and discuss literature and have a grand old time of it. But serving the best loose leaf tea and espresso drinks and coffee for several hundreds of miles in any direction blew that dream to bits, what with the steeping and dish-washing and milk frothing and bean grinding and tamping and brewing and... well. So rather than start watering down the java and cutting mud into the mochas, they determined to take the show online and see if they couldn't make a go there at showing time who was to be the master.

Before I go any further, I had best introduce myself. I'm the Hatter. I've been called 'mad,' but not by folk who know what's good for them. I wish I could say I ran this show; God knows you'd be looking at an infinitely more respectable publication if I did, but you can't fight city hall, and so forth. So you must be satisfied with having me as the in house critic. And I have a certain simple critical bent. I like good literature. I don't like bad literature (bad for one's morals, as a friend once said). I've no qualms about telling the lot of you which is which. You'll have some benefit, though, from keeping in mind that like that tea party crashing brat Alice, I don't always say what I mean, and I don't always mean what I say, but I try my best to do one or the other, on rare occasion I manage to do both, and I make every effort to never do neither.